2017 Bright Ideas Winners

The 2017 Bright Ideas Program was a success! We had 91 applicants that had great “Bright Ideas” from 44 schools in the counties Coweta-Fayette EMC serves. A total of 6 retired teachers from Coweta and Fayette Counties had the hard task of judging these applications. There were 13 winners from Coweta County, 14 winners from Fayette County and 1 winner from Heard County. The total amount awarded for this program was $28,523.36, with awards ranging from $299.00 to $1,500.00. The Bright Ideas “Award Wagon” visited the schools on October 26 and 27 to deliver gift bags and “checks” to each of the winning teachers. The excitement was overwhelming! The Bright Ideas Program will be held again in 2018. If you have any questions please call Marsha McDaniel at 770-502-0226 ext. 7406.

Click here to complete: The 2018 Bright Ideas Application


School Teacher Project Name Amount
Arnall Middle School Misha Stewart Innovative Design for Dissecting in a 21st Century Science Class $299.00
Arnall Middle School Jennifer Davis Civil War – Technological Advancements – The Telegraph $1,009.16
Bennett’s Mill Middle School Kimberly Walden Math for Independence $1,299.31
Clearwater Academy Tommy Collins Financial Literacy with iPads $1,377.00
East Coweta High School Jodi Gilbert Leamos! Reading for Spanish Fluency $1,495.95
East Coweta Middle School Blaire Booth Inventions and Innovations with Rube $1,250.00
Eastside Elementary School Tim Manley Fish Attractors $661.99
Elm Street Elementary School Laura Bass Exploration Expo $1,069.38
Heard County Middle School Stephanie Hall Brewing Independence $983.96
Huddleston Elementary School Kathryn Floyd Living in 3D $659.00
LaFayette Education Center Chris Ritts Light it up! $372.00
Lee Middle School Jennifer Doonan Ready, set, go! Across the Curriculum with Google Expeditions $1,153.65
Madras Middle School Laura Farmer STEM with a Plot Twist $462.57
McIntosh High School Stephanie Sisk America’s Most Wanted: Virus Edition! $287.50
McIntosh High School Grace Cannon Keeping Us Safe In Microbiology! $488.35
Newnan Crossing Elementary School Kelly Duggan Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me! Let Me Discover It By Myself! $1,005.00
Newnan High School Katie Hammond Improving the Achievement Gap with Recordable Lectures $600.00
Northgate High School Orla Thomas Engineering Design Challenge $1,491.20
Oak Grove Elementary School Karen Eller Tower Gardening $981.95
Peeples Elementary School Teri McGraw Gaining New Perspectives through Conversations $1,494.00
Peeples Elementary School April DeGennaro Capture Those Bright Ideas! $1,191.48
Poplar Road Elementary School Amanda Taylor Art Animation Movie – Gopro $1,400.00
Rising Starr Middle School JoAnn Rouse & Eric Todd “A Stroke in Time” $1,465.00
Sandy Creek High School Gary Liu STEAM UP $1,349.87
Sara Harp Minter Elementary School Amanda Lane Building Community through Green Screen Magic $692.81
Spring Hill Elementary School Lisa Draper & Holly Emery Kitchen for Special Education Self Contained Students $1,377.28
Welch Elementary School Sharon McClellan Georgia Habitats $1,105.95
Welch Elementary School Amanda Foiles Building Bridges with Makerbot $1,500.00

Questions: Call Marsha McDaniel at 770-502-0226 ext. 7406

E-mail Marsha mmcdaniel@utility.org