Coweta-Fayette EMC Hosts Drive-Thru Annual Meeting and Member Appreciation Day 2021

2021 CFEMC Annual Meeting Grand Prize Winner is...

Juan Hernandez-Rios

Congratulations Juan!

It’s estimated over 1,776 people participated in the drive-thru event and/or registered and voted during the week prior. Business session updates and the grand prize winner drawing were streamed live via Facebook during the event and is available via CFEMC social media channels. Virtual business meeting speeches and results became available to members online via following the close of the event.

During the virtual business session, Board Chairman Jim Fulton shared highlights from the past year and reiterated the CFEMC’s Board of Directors’ commitment to its members.

“We continue to be one of the few electric cooperatives in the country to consistently experience growth,” said Fulton.

“This year that included upgrades, improvements, and expansion of our service territory, as well as improvements to facility and asset management, cyber security, and continuous review and updating of our policies and procedures to ensure that we remain in conformance with all current governance procedures for co-op boards and management. Our main goal is to always provide – (1) Member Value, (2) System Value, and (3) Employee Value to all our members and employees.”