Coweta-Fayette EMC Outage Update

Sep 12, 2017

Here’s the current outage situation as of 8:00 AM, Tuesday, Sept. 12th.

Number Without Power:  approximately 11,650 (down from a peak of 30,000)

Main Areas Effected:

  • Brooks
  • Moreland
  • North Fayetteville
  • Tyrone

We still have wide-spread outages across the Coweta-Fayette EMC system. Crews will continue working across our entire system throughout the night restoring power members. In addition to EMC  line crews, we have crews from Jefferson Energy in Kentucky, MasTec, TCI, Trees Inc., and Newnan Utilities working alongside us to restore power. Tomorrow, more help is on the way.  Crews from Tennessee, Carroll EMC, and Pike Electric will be joining the effort; giving us approximately 375 line workers in the field helping restore power to these hard-hit areas.

We have found over 50 broken poles on the system that are being replaced. This number climbs higher as crews continue working and find trouble spots throughout the system. Always remember to stay clear of downed power lines. If you find a line that is down, stay far away. Even though you may think the line is deenergized, there’s a chance power could still be flowing through it. Please call us at 770-502-0226 or call 911 and keep others away until help arrives.

We are making headway. We expect 80% of members to be restored by tomorrow evening. Once the broken poles are cleared up, we should see larger areas coming back on. We’ve made a lot of progress today since weather conditions have greatly improved and the extra personnel has arrived to assist.

We urge members to continue reporting outages through our call center at 770-502-0226. We experienced problems with internet access and phone systems earlier today, but all of this has been corrected. This call center is manned 24 hours a day. You can monitor our restoration efforts by viewing the outage map located under the Storm Center on our website (

We will continue posting updates on our website, Facebook and Twitter.