Helping Our Seniors

Senior Billing Cycle

A special billing option for senior members that extends payment due date to the first of the month to make allowances for the timing of Social Security checks.

Senior Citizen Discount

Qualifying members certified by the Cooperative will be eligible for a $6.50 waiver off the monthly service charge. To qualify, you must be 65 years of age or older with a total household income of $15,000 or less per year. The electric service account must be at your principal place of residence, individually metered, and in your name.

Other Helpful Payment Methods

Levelized Billing

With levelized billing, you’ll pay exactly what you ordinarily would for power, but we’ll help you fit the power bill into your budget. A levelized bill is the average of your bills over the past 13 months. It brings your highest bills down and your lowest bills up to nearly the same amount each month. By smoothing out the bills, you won’t have to deal with higher payments during the air conditioning season, the heating season, and the holidays.

Bank Draft

Tired of trying to remember whether you paid your bill? A bank draft will automatically pay your balance on the due date listed on your power bill. The draft saves you the trouble of writing a check each month and saves you a stamp or a trip to our offices.

To take advantage of these easy payment methods, be sure that your current bill has been paid (an account must have a zero balance before using any of these methods). There is no extra charge and we will continue to mail you a statement detailing the kilowatt-hours used and the total bill amount.