Capital Credits

Capital Credits

Coweta-Fayette EMC is a not-for-profit electric membership corporation that is committed to keeping rates as low as possible. Any revenues in excess of operating costs that have been collected are called net margins and patronage capital. These margins and capital are treated as equity capital contributed by the Members, and eventually must be returned to the Members in proportion to their patronage, or purchase of electricity.

Another name for patronage capital is Capital Credits. Each member has a separate Capital Credit account and it is assigned a percentage of these margins based on the amount he/she pays to the Cooperative each year.

Your cooperative uses the funds collected and allocated to the Member capital credit accounts for a number of years to install new poles, lines and transformers for the benefit of the Members. When the financial condition of the cooperative permits, your Board of Directors refunds capital credits to the members.

When capital credit refunds are issued, they are automatically sent to the name and last known address in our records. Many of the checks are returned to us because they cannot be delivered. We make every effort to locate the intended recipient or the executor of the estate if they are deceased.

Unclaimed Capital Credit Request

If your name or address is found on one of these lists, and you believe these capital credits belong to you, please click on the following link and complete the Capital Credit Inquiry form. The information on the form will be used to research and verify your claim. Upon completion of our research, you will receive notification of our findings.

Estates of Deceased Patron Application Form (PDF)

This petition is to be used by the executor (or administrator) of an estate of a deceased member of Coweta-Fayette EMC to request a distribution of that member’s patronage capital, on a discounted basis. This is pursuant to Article VI of CFEMC’s bylaws (Section 6.09).

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