Operation Round Up Trust

How does it work?

All money collected from members is placed in an interest-bearing account and managed by an independent board of directors, the Coweta-Fayette Trust Board. By participating, you will contribute an average of 50¢ per month…a small amount which will be combined with other contributions to make a big difference in the community!

Operation RoundUp® is one of the contributions to society of which the Coweta-Fayette EMC is most proud, and it could not have been successful without the willingness of you, our member/owners, to participate. We thank you, and hundreds of individuals and organizations thank you, too!

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Matthew Markham - Chairman
Coweta County
Alice Reeves - Vice Chairman
Fayette County
Iris Harris - Secretary/Treasurer-
Counties other than Coweta & Fayette
Burton 0001 copy
Christie Burton
Fayette County
Coggin 0001 copy
Lynn Coggin
Coweta County
Harp 0001 copy
Ricky Harp
Fayette County
David Spradlin
Fayette County
David R. Thompson
Coweta County
Kelvin Freeman Thomson
Coweta County