Operation Round Up Trust

How does it work?

All money collected from members is placed in an interest-bearing account and managed by an independent board of directors, the Coweta-Fayette Trust Board. By participating, you will contribute an average of 50¢ per month…a small amount which will be combined with other contributions to make a big difference in the community!

Operation RoundUp® is one of the contributions to society of which the Coweta-Fayette EMC is most proud, and it could not have been successful without the willingness of you, our member/owners, to participate. We thank you, and hundreds of individuals and organizations thank you, too!

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Glenn Valencia –Chairman
Fayette County
Matthew Markham
Vice Chairman Coweta County
Iris Harris-
Secretary/Treasurer Counties other than Coweta & Fayette
David Harp
Fayette County
Alice Reeves
Fayette County
Deborah Ann Rickett
Coweta County
David Spradlin
Fayette County
David R. Thompson
Coweta County
Kelvin Freeman Thomson
Coweta County