Operation Round Up Service Areas

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Service Area

Operation Round Up is made possible because our electric members choose to round up their electric bills each month to the nearest dollar amount. Those pennies go into a Trust that is administered by a nine-member board of directors. Since the funds come from our electric members, our board strives to keep the funds within our electric service area. Our electric service area mainly includes Coweta and Fayette Counties. However, we do serve electricity to a few members that live just across the border of Coweta and Fayette County.  


We strive to make sure the people we are supporting live within our electric service area. We go by address zip codes to determine if someone lives within our electric service area. Below is a list of the zip codes and counties we service. 

CFEMC Electric Service Area Address Zip Codes:

Fayette County                   30205 –                     

Fulton County                     30213 –                     

Fayette County                   30214 –                     

Fayette County                   30215 –                     

Heard County                     30217 –                     

Coweta County                   30220 –                     

Troup County                      30230 –                     

Clayton County                   30238 –                       

Meriwether County             30251 –                     

Coweta County                   30259 –                     

Coweta County                   30263 –                     

Coweta County                   30265 –                     

Fulton County                     30268 –                     

Fayette County                   30269 –                     

Coweta County                   30276 –                     

Coweta County                   30277 –                     

Fayette County                   30290 –                     

Fulton County                     30291-                       


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