Crews Continue Making Progress Restoring Power to Coweta-Fayette EMC Members

Sep 13, 2017

Here’s the current outage situation as of 5:00 PM, Wednesday, Sept. 13.

Number Without Power:  approximately 2,600

Main Areas Effected:     Brooks, Moreland, North Fayetteville, Tyrone

Crews are continuing to make progress restoring power to members. As of 5:00 PM, we are down to 2,600 outages scattered across the Coweta-Fayette EMC system. EMC line crews are working alongside crews from Jackson Energy in Kentucky, MasTec, TCI, Trees Inc., Fort Loudoun Co-op out of Tennessee, Carroll EMC, and Pike Electric we work to get power back to as many of our members as quickly and as safely possible.

Crews worked in heavily in Brooks, Moreland, Sharpsburg and Tyrone today. Much of the work involved replacing broken poles, repairing downed wire and cutting trees off the lines. We surpassed our target of having 90% of our members whose power was affected by the storm restored today.

We’re beginning to reach the stage where we will be picking up the smaller, individual cases of trouble. These usually involve individual homes who remain without power.

Our right-of-way crews have been working to remove trees and wires from roadway; however, wires remain down across the system. Remember to stay far away from downed power lines. Even though you may think the line is deenergized, there’s a chance power could still be flowing through it. Please call us at 770-502-0226 or call 911 and keep others away until help arrives.

You can monitor our restoration efforts by viewing the outage map located under the Storm Center on our website ( We will continue posting updates on our website, Facebook and Twitter.