Outage Numbers Drop Significantly Overnight

Sep 14, 2017

Here’s the current outage situation as of 8:00 AM, Thursday, Sept. 14.

Number Without Power:  under 100

Main Areas Effected:     Brooks, North and Central Fayetteville


Crews worked for the third straight night and outages dropped significantly. From a peak of 30,000 outages on Monday, line crews from C-F EMC, Jackson Energy in Kentucky, MasTec, TCI, Trees Inc., Tennessee, Carroll EMC, and Pike Electric have reduced that number to 98 as of 8AM this morning.

Over 99% of our members whose power was affected by the storm have been restored.

Crews are now moving to individual homes and small clusters of consumers who remain without power. This usually means the service line between the transformer and residence may need repair. However, crews do continue to find isolated broken poles and trees in the lines.

“To our members, we want to say thank you for your patience and understanding,” CEO Chris Stephens said. “We understand how much you depend and rely on electricity in your daily lives. To have to go without, for even a few hours can be tough. To have to go without for several days is beyond tough.”

Wires remain down across the system. Always remember to stay far away from downed power lines. Even though you may think the line is deenergized, there’s a chance power could still be flowing through it. Please call us at 770-502-0226 or call 911 and keep others away until help arrives.

You can monitor our restoration efforts by viewing the outage map located under the Storm Center on our website (www.utility.org). We will continue posting updates on our website, Facebook and Twitter.