2020 CFEMC Drive-Thru Annual Meeting

First Ever Drive-Thru Annual Meeting A Success

Rainy weather and COVID couldn’t stop this important event.

CFEMC held our first ever drive-thru Annual Meeting on Saturday, Oct 10, 2020 form 9AM-11AM

Over 5,800 Members participated in the event. Re-elected for 3-year-terms were Ross Henry, Lee Hunter and James “Jim” Fulton.

The winner of the grand prize, which is a $1,000 bill credit is Ruth Elizabeth Perez.

Thanks to all of our members who participated in person, online or by mail.


2020 Annual Meeting Speeches

Including messages from Jim Fulton, Chairman of the CFEMC Board of Directors;  Neal Shepard, Chairman of the True Natural Gas Board; Alice Reeves, Chairwoman of the CFEMC Trust Board; and Chris Stephens, CEO CFEMC.


Due to COVID-19 concerns, your Board of Directors has approved changes to the 2020 Annual Meeting. The yearly meeting is a vital part of the cooperative structure, and we realize it’s also a time of fun and fellowship for our members. The Board has weighed all of this with the concern for the health and safety of you, our members, and our employees. This year, the meeting will look vastly different. It will be a drive-thru event with a business only session posted online. You’ll find information about the activities CFEMC has been involved with in 2020, the financial strength of the organization, and plans for the future. We regret there will not be kid rides and activities, bingo, a health fair, community demonstrations, and vendors on site. However, we still want you to know how appreciative we are for your membership while working to keep everyone healthy as well.

During the week of October 5-9, members are invited to stop by any of our branch offices and register for the annual meeting. You can pick up your registration prize and if you haven’t already mailed your ballot, you can find information on how to vote for your Board of Director representation online. You can also still vote the day of the meeting if necessary by dropping your ballot off at the Palmetto location.

Please bookmark and continue to check this page. We will be providing updates about the annual meeting, how you can participate, and election results here over the coming weeks. We’ll also be providing updates through our social media channels as well.

This year has been full of changes. However, we hope you know how much your membership means to us and hope these changes allow you to safely participate in the business of the EMC.

The pennies you contribute each month to Operation Round-Up combine to change lives. Founded in 1993, Operation Round-up offers CFEMC members the opportunity to “round-up” their monthly power bills and make a difference in the community. To date, 31,625 CFEMC members actively participate in the program. This year $54,000 in scholarships + $31,548 was awarded in the form of grants to local organizations and teachers. For more about the program check out our Annual Report. If you are not participating in rounding up your bill and are interested in signing up, please click on the provided link: Operation Round Up Purpose and Sign Up Form

prize image

prize image

This year’s Annual Meeting will be different. It’s a Drive-Thru! You’ll never have to leave your car to participate in this year’s event.

If you still need to cast your ballot, make plans to come to our Palmetto location on Saturday, October 10, from 9 AM-11 AM. You will drive through our gates and stop at the first set of tents to register. If you need to vote or drop off your ballot, you’ll proceed from there to the next tent location. After dropping off your ballot, you’ll continue driving out the gates on the far side of our property. That will be where you pick up your registration prize if you haven’t done so earlier in the week. Check out the diagram for more details.

You will still receive a registration gift whether you register in person on October 10, between 9-11 AM or if you choose to take part in the early registration at any of our branch locations the week of October 5-9.

Locations of office here

We will also be awarding the grand prize winners like always. Everyone who registers will automatically be entered in the drawing whether they drive thru or register early at a branch office. A computer program will randomly select a winner from all those who register and we will announce that winner on Facebook and on utility.org. An employee will also reach out to anyone who wins in case you don’t see the announcement and arrange for them to claim their prize.

prize image

Part of the value of being a member-owner of Coweta-Fayette EMC is the opportunity to participate in the annual election of our board of directors and choose our cooperative’s leadership. The board of directors that you elect has the final say on all major decisions made by your cooperative, from the policies that are set to the rates we charge for electricity to overseeing the chief executive officer position that manages CFEMC's daily operations.

Members have one vote for each membership held with Coweta-Fayette EMC. Only the person whose name is on the Coweta-Fayette EMC account is eligible to vote. Members who are unclear of their membership or account status are urged to call Coweta-Fayette EMC Member Services department at 770-502-0226 for verification.

Your vote in our Board of Directors election is your voice in your cooperative, a chance to have a say on leaders who will represent you and your interests. Elected directors serve three-year terms.

Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting, however, due to the current coronavirus outbreak, this year’s meeting will be a virtual/drive thru event. To accommodate this year’s unusual circumstances, the Board of Directors approved a change to this year’s annual meeting, which allows for online, mailed and in person voting. Registration packets will begin arrive by mail the week of September 16, 2020. Information on casting your ballot will be inside along with candidate information you can use to make an informed decision. All mailed and online ballots must be received by midnight, October 9, 2020. Onsite ballots may be cast at the Palmetto location of CFEMC between 9-11am at the drive-thru annual meeting. Official election results will be announce on October 10, 2020 at 11:00 AM and will be posted online at utility.org and on all CFEMC social platforms.

Members will receive a ballot by mail. Members who have shared an email address with the cooperative will also receive an electronic mail ballot.

  • Vote by Mail
    If you choose to vote by mail-in ballot, you should return the ballot in the provided postage-paid envelope and send it directly to Survey and Ballot Systems. To ensure your vote is counted, please do not send in your ballot with your bill or bring the ballot to your local office.
  • Vote Electronically
    Follow the instructions in your voting packet for accessing the secure online link and place your vote.
  • Vote In-Person
    If you choose not to vote by mail or online, you may bring yourresgistration to CFEMC’s Palmetto location on October 10, 2020 and cast your vote from your vehicle in the drive-thru annual meeting. Ballots will be collected and SBS will verify and tabulate election results.

If you have not received an electronic mail ballot or a mail-in ballot by September 30, please contact Survey and Ballot Systems at (952) 974.2339 or by email support@directvote.net(link sends e-mail).

You can find the biography of each candidate on this annual meeting page. A candidate bio sheet is also included with the ballot packet you will receive in the mail.

Meet the Candidates