Local students win Coweta-Fayette EMC scholarships

Ten Coweta County students and fourteen Fayette County students received a total of $64,000 in scholarships from Coweta-Fayette EMC. Twenty students received Melissa Segars Memorial Scholarships, worth $3,000 each; and 4 received Coweta-Fayette Trust Technical Scholarships, worth $1,000 each.

The Coweta-Fayette EMC Trust awards thousands of dollars in scholarships to local students each spring. The Melissa Segars Memorial Scholarship recognizes high school seniors with a dedication to community service. The Coweta-Fayette Trust Technical Scholarship recognizes deserving students attending Southern Crescent Technical College (SCTC) or West Georgia Technical College (WGTC).

Melissa Segars Memorial Scholarship winners from Coweta County are:  Ashley Guy, East Coweta High School; Minji Kang, East Coweta High school; Natalea Whitley, Newnan High School; Andrew Tripp, Newnan High School; Carson Luker, Newnan High School; Joshua Colton, Northgate High School; Erica Swansbrough, Northgate High School; .      

Melissa Segars Memorial Scholarship winners from Fayette County are: Ginnalee Betsill, Konos Academy; Yvea Smith, Konos Academy; Priyam Kadakia, McIntosh High School; Julia Raniere, McIntosh High School; Karsyn Jewell, McIntosh High School; Audra Daniel, Starr’s Mill High School; Molly Golovach, Whitewater High School; Leah Enterkin, Whitewater High School; Ella Reenstra, Whitewater High School; Makayla Takang, Whitewater High School; Courtney Wagner, Whitewater High School; Hannah Ledbetter, Whitewater High School; and James Walls, Whitewater High School.

Coweta-Fayette Trust Technical Scholarship winners from Coweta County are: Kiersten Jenkins, WGTC and Jennifer Wilson, WGTC.

Coweta-Fayette Trust Technical Scholarship winners from Fayette County are: Heidi Bolton, SCTC; and Kimberly Sayachak, SCTC.

Both Melissa Segars Scholarships and Coweta-Fayette Trust Technical Scholarships are made possible by Operation Round-Up. Operation Round-Up is a program in which Coweta-Fayette EMC members voluntarily “round-up” their electric bills to benefit the community.

If you are a Coweta-Fayette EMC member and you would like to support scholarships for local students, as well as local organizations and individuals in need, visit utility.org/operation-round-up-purpose/ and sign up for Operation Round-Up. For pennies a month, you can make a difference in the lives of many.

Melissa Segars Memorial Scholarship Winners

Coweta-Fayette Trust Technical Scholarship Winners